Regaining Your Health

With Pam Staver-Ramey

Regaining Your Health

Dusting off the Covid-Blues


  • Sparking that 8 year old blood vessel that lives in everyone of us.
  • Bring  Fun into everyday movement and physical activity!' 

Food preparation Ideas

  • Lifestyle Coaches
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Dietitians & Nutritionist  
  • Wellness Coaches  
  • Health Coaches    
  • WeServe Coaches is open to all who are interested in expanding their role in leadership excellence. 
  • WeServe Coaches is here for guidance, support, and your biggest cheerleader. 
  • When you succeed we succeed together!



 is contagious!  Get energized by people doing the same thing as you.   Belong to a family of coaches who support and encourage one another.   


 to keep your thinking on-fire through interaction from like-minded individuals, and share personal experiences you just can’t Google.   


to grow through in-person and on-line training

Heath Coaching on the Rise   

Escalating healthcare cost and demand placed on physicians has created great opportunities for health coaching. 

Physicians are time-crunched and though they desire to help their patients have only a few minutes allotted for each person.  

WeServe Coaches pick up the slack by providing clients with guidance, motivation and holistic strategies for health gains.  

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